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Conspiracy: The Day Beibers Mom's Stepfather Invited Me to Join the Freemasons

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 997260
04/14/2011 12:28 AM
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Conspiracy: The Day Beibers Mom's Stepfather Invited Me to Join the Freemasons
I never really took any interest in the local Beiber fame and fortune nonsense. I only started looking things up a few weeks ago because of unrelated consequences that involve certain words and terms that are baned from GLP.

Its all repulsive bullshit to me anyway. Personally I hate beiber, curse him all to hell, and wish he would take a long walk off a short pier, for the way his crap gets scammed all over the media and assaults me when I'm on the internet. I don't have T.V. and I would never listen to a justin beiber song unless forced, and I would try to escape or poke my eardrums out with a sharp pointy object, if it we're to happen. I don't give a shit about him or anyone else concerned. I don't know what the fucks going on, but I can see that its not the first time, and it won't be the last, they were bound to pick an idiot from someplace to fixate on, so why not here.
When I was in college the faggot movie instructor made us study this Paul Anka film called "The Lonely Boy". Itís the same disgusting perversion and they've been doing this shit forever. I'll never understand what the attraction is, and I don't want to.
I know tons of great musicians locally with great talent and I can only imagine that itís the same everywhere. The biggest problem is keeping a band together. I have yet to hear the mention of any single supporting musician for Justin beiber.
Real musicians in real bands, spend countless hours in rehearsal, and play venues, promote themselves, work hard, and expend their time and energy as entertainment in the nightclubs often for a long time before achieving said fame and fortune.. They fulfill a role in society and do an awesome job.
Then along comes this little fucking faggot from Stratford Ontario, catering to Pre-adolescent females, who fawn over him. OMFG. The media takes this fag and trumps him up to demi-god status. Give me a fucking break. Sure having musical talent is key to success, and a great singing voice is priceless, but what did he ever do, fuck-all. He wandered around busking in Stratford from what I'm told, annoyed the fuck out of and alienated a lot of people, and in the guise of poverty and charity collects cash for a Disney vacation. Then his mommy puts some videos on you-tube and retards who oogle over homosexual child porn, think itís the greatest thing in the world. A conceited pervert whoís singular obsession with his own feelings promotes only how he wants you to sympathize with him. What a fucking joke.

I used to work for a siding company called London Aluminum Products. looking over an old resume with job references on it I see that from some point afterward I reckoned that I worked there between 1993 and 1994 or thereabouts. We would get jobs on sub-contract for them and roll around the corner in the small industrial/commercial complex, to a small material supplier called ELAD. This what where we would pick up windows, siding etc.
The owner of ELAD, who ran the place, was a really nice person, I have totally forgotten his first name and I don't recall knowing his surname after the fact. He was helpful, and very courteous. Unfortunately my old man who I working with is a bit of a lunatic, way too high strung, and not so much genetically retarded as brain damaged in a way that his brain got stuck in overdrive and heís not in complete control of personality. He gets extraneous, and most of his children feel a strong urge to wear a paper bag on their head when forced to enter a place in public with him.
Anyway, I'm sure that I annoyed the owner of ELAD on a few occasions myself. I wanted to be an artist and I didn't want to toil in manual labor simply because its is not profitable according to the lifestyle I wished to attain. So I was civil, but very unhappy.

One morning, when we went into ELAD, there is a new person there running the counter. Hís middle aged, hefty, and I believe he was even bald back then. (Not certain on that though). He attends to my order and is SUPER nice. TOO NICE. I was thinking that it was very weird. I'm not sure if my dad was standing right there the whole time, or he might have fucked off someplace or went to take a dump in the washroom or something. But the new man behind the counter engages me in casual conversation. I think he explains something about his presence there and his relation to the owner but I am a little foggy about what exactly was said, right up until the point that he is standing there and tells me that heís a MASON. Then he asks me if I know what a MASON is, and I think I responded that I thought it had something to do with cement. He elaborates about what a mason is but it was strange because he added something about it having to do with a way of thinking or a way of life or something like that, and at the time I had no comprehension of the whole FREEMASON thing, or what that meant but I am certain thatís what he meant. He then suggested that I should consider becoming a Mason. I wasn't sure about the man, and thought of it as some kind of roundabout job offer, as opposed to an invitation to join his order. I responded that I liked siding, and would rather be a siding installer.
He was kind of prancing around the place and then he went into some sort of fruity thing he did, I can't say it was contrived, but rather some uncontrolled weird shit he acted out. I was getting very concerned because I just wanted to pick up the order and get the fuck out of there. I am also foggy on what happened next but I think the owner came out and made some excuse about who I had been speaking with, like something had happened to him or something, and I was looking around wondering where the fuck my dad was. Our truck was parked out front, and after getting an order filled we would drive around to the back and load it up.
I left and went outside to have a smoke, and go sit in the truck, and I was still wondering WTF that was all about. I don't know if she was there when we went in, but Beibers mom was outside the front of the business, I exchanged greeting with her and got her name and I think I even asked he age. I don't remember her name from the time but I remember the age thing because I would have been about 23. And I am sure it was her.
I was sitting in the truck after thinking about stuff an I remember thinking to myself that she was too young. I was always looking to meet someone my age.
So, I sat there, and sat there and the sun was bouncing off my head and I was waiting for my dad and he was in there forever, and I had a business card that the weirdo had given me, and it had his name on it and it was Bruce Dale.
I was thumbing it and sitting in the truck out front, watching the birds fly in and out from behind the sign on the front above the shop, and I was looking at the card, and I noticed that the business name ELAD was only DALE spelled backwards. Later, I had the card stashed away someplace at home after and looked at it a few times by coincidence and it reminded me how the name was spelled backwards and wondered about that strange man.

He might have been there a few times after, and so might have Beibers mom, I think she worked behind the counter for awhile.
But, I didn't work for LAP much longer because some dick at a condo complex parked under my ladder and a trough spike flew out and made a ding in his hood and the dick charged me 500 dollars for the repair and the business I worked for wouldn't pay for it and then after working three weeks alone because my old man had fucked off on vacation, and it was labor Day long weekend, and I couldn't get an advance, I went back to the place and did a break stand with the old mans truck right out front of my bosses business, and quit.

So, there you go. Its true. The Freemasons, if not fully behind the justin beiber thing, defiantly have their hand in it, somehow, and thereís positively a connection. But I donít know why.

and yes i am saying nasty shit and being a jealous bastard and i don't give a flying fuck, I am even more enthusiastic about my rant because its close to home and i want to see if i can provoke a civil, legal or even criminal response just for the excitement factor
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1338415
United States
04/14/2011 12:30 AM
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Re: Conspiracy: The Day Beibers Mom's Stepfather Invited Me to Join the Freemasons
Is there anything the Freemasons aren't behind?