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Message Subject Why the Illuminati killed Steve Irwin
Poster Handle Shugyosha
Post Content
Was Steve a 9/11 Truther? Considering a political career? Speaking engagements? Public figure? Too popular?
 Quoting: shark 1340575

I think I can assume that most here accept the existence of HAARP or it's ilk.

And I think that many here accept that what has happened to Australia and Kiwi-Land to the north smack of artificial influence. Not to mention Japan. And to the incredible ecological and biological resulting devastation.

So, as the Prime Minister of Australia once said, "Nobody knows who I am. EVERYBODY knows who Steve Irwin is."

And Steve was a mouthy bugger.

But as another poster said, I winced every time I watched his show, his clock was definitely ticking down all by itself ;-).

But still...
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