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Message Subject Why the Illuminati killed Steve Irwin
Poster Handle kitkat
Post Content
What nonsense. Steve just had great passion for the wildlife and the environment.
The cameras were rolling when sadly, Steve met his untimely demise from the stingray barb. The footage has never been released to the public but has been seen by close family members.
Australia Zoo is a huge undertaking and with the recent weather disasters in Queensland and the GFC, tourism is down, therefore less $$$$ - there are many many animals to feed and injured wildlife to rehabilitate.
According to a recent media report, properties adjacent to the zoo have been sold off or are for sale at a fraction of their market value to keep the operation going.
As for Bindi, she is rarely in the public eye except during school holidays.
No, I don't work for the zoo, however,I have met Terri and she is a lovely, sincere person.
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