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Message Subject Proof that humans were genetically engineered by aliens, not 'evolved' on earth !
Poster Handle SmartAss
Post Content
or, we are the culmination of the thought... "What if I put everything together into one species?"

just because there are 223 missing precursors to our genetic code doesn't mean they didn't exist, but maybe we just haven't found them yet.


Maybe it is more than just genes that affects how we are made and what we do.... if we are 99% chimp, then maybe something else is causing the major differences.... i.e. Other influences may affect how genes do their job.... I'm guessing we don't know everything about this subject yet...


I can see how the belief in alien "help" was the EXACT same thing humans thought thousands/millions of years ago that explained God.... God... Aliens.... same thought process... just interchange the words... right?
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