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Message Subject Proof that humans were genetically engineered by aliens, not 'evolved' on earth !
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content
What kind of evolution results in us having hair only on the head & not elsewhere on the body(except some private parts)?
 Quoting: OP 1343115

The kind of evolution a hunter-gatherer wil have living on the savannah.
The hair protects the scalp from the sun, the rest is less hairy to allow for more effective sweating.

If we did evolve in the wild, wouldn't we have some kind of mechanisms/ weapons to protect & defend ourselves from wild predators?
 Quoting: OP 1343115

We do.
There are 7 billion of us, large predators can be counted in a few million at best.

Like our jungle dwelling forebears we use tools, just better ones.

We don't have anything!
We don't have super strength like the Gorilla or flexibility like other chimps to climb trees, we can't run fast like deer, we don't have claws to kill prey or paws to protect our feet while walking/running on rocky ground! Our eyes don't even have the ability to see properly in the dark like some night predators have. We don't have a heightened sense of smell or hearing that we could use! We don't even have fur like other animals to protect us from the cold! Our skin is so delicate, the slightest pointed leaf tears it apart!
In fact, our intestines are not even that good at digesting raw meat like other animals!
 Quoting: OP 1343115

Humans as given have successfully outcompeted pretty much everything else, and have colonised almost every habitat.
So evidently we don't need all that.

They said that there are no evolutionary advantages of walking on 2 feet, so why would humans begin to do so in the first place?
 Quoting: OP 1343115

Standing up allows you to see farther.
It frees up the hands.

You think a person would be able to outrun a cheetah?
 Quoting: Haelo

With a 100 metre headstart, yes.

Humans are extraordinary endurance runners, we can hunt animals like rabits or deer by just keeping up with them until they die of heatstroke.
Our anatomy allows for very efficient cooling of the brain.
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