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Message Subject Proof that humans were genetically engineered by aliens, not 'evolved' on earth !
Poster Handle bvndy
Post Content
You cannot evolve to throw weapons if you do not know what throwing is.
It would be like you evolving to ride a Garganish. You don't know what it is, you've never experienced it before, and the only time you will experience it will be after you evolved to ride it. See how silly that is. How can you evolve to do something you cannot do in the first place. It would be like evolving to eat meat even though you've never eaten meat to trigger the evolution to evolve to eat meat in the first place.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1155690

This is some funny shit.
People evolved, went back into the ocean(like a water mammal) then came back out.
We walk on two feet so that we can use our hands.
Swords, spears, etc, are designed for our hands, we were not "evolved" to use tools, we evolved to the point where we could build and use tools, they fit us so well not because we "evolved" to use them, but because we fashioned
them for our use. You have it backwards.
Christiantards are so desperate to disprove evolution that they can come up with some stupid shit, in any case you need to stop, you are embarrasing yourself.
Religious dumbasses have really fucked this forum up good
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