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Message Subject Proof that humans were genetically engineered by aliens, not 'evolved' on earth !
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What kind of evolution results in us having hair only on the head & not elsewhere on the body(except some private parts)? flip
If we did evolve in the wild, wouldn't we have some kind of mechanisms/ weapons to protect & defend ourselves from wild predators?
We don't have anything!
We don't have super strength like the Gorilla or flexibility like other chimps to climb trees, we can't run fast like deer, we don't have claws to kill prey or paws to protect our feet while walking/running on rocky ground! Our eyes don't even have the ability to see properly in the dark like some night predators have. We don't have a heightened sense of smell or hearing that we could use! We don't even have fur like other animals to protect us from the cold! Our skin is so delicate, the slightest pointed leaf tears it apart!
In fact, our intestines are not even that good at digesting raw meat like other animals!
Another important thing to note is that humans walk on two feet! Last yr I watched a docu on NGC which showed scientists who were puzzeled, as to why humans walk on two feet?
They said that there are no evolutionary advantages of walking on 2 feet, so why would humans begin to do so in the first place? 1dunno1

Doesn't all this point to the fact that humans did not evolve on the earth?? That we were created as a hybrid of some ape like creature & some alien race?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1343115

Evolution is a system of biological compromise. For example, walking on two feet can be advantageous when you need your hands free to create tools but comes at a disadvantage insofar as speed and stamina. There are inherent disadvantages for each biological adaption. Most of our "disadvantages" in one way or another were biological compromises necessary to accommodate our very large brains. The trade off would be spent by nature at great cost because advanced problem solving skills are incredibly advantageous; evolutionary-wise. The proof is in human ingenuity which has allowed us to survive and even thrive in almost any environment. It's basically nature's gamble with great risk and incredible return on investment.

That said, this doesn't prove that we weren't genetically engineered. Certain things have eluded scientists such as the fact that we're the only animal on earth with multiple blood types within a single species. We also can't pinpoint what the specific catalyst/s were to jump start such a risky gamble in evolution. Evolving from Cro-Magnon to Homo Sapien in such a short time period doesn't make a lot of logical sense. Some believe that there is some genetic "splicing" in human DNA. If that is true, than it could be said without a shadow of a doubt that there was some sentient intervention in our creation. Proving that, however, is very problematic as alternative splicing naturally occurs within the mRNA of complex organisms like mammals. In order for a sentient being to genetically engineer us, they would have to utilize the same genetic combinations which mother nature already utilizes so the process would look natural anyway. Any straightfoward splicing (the signature trademark of genetic engineering found in corn, for example) of human genes would result in nothing but a dead, deformed, or disease ridden baby. Not that it's impossible, it's just impossible to tell unless we learn something new about genes in general.
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