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Portal 2 is out & there Seems to have GLPers there on psx-scene forum...

User ID: 1340818
04/15/2011 03:47 PM
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Portal 2 is out & there Seems to have GLPers there on psx-scene forum...
Portal 2 has finally been 'released' and while checking on the game forum, i encountered other 'GLPers'...

ps- bout the mayans. Yes they were very intelligent and in touch with the universe much so more than the masses are today. Dont buy the 2012 doomsday bullshit, they never said a thing about a doomsday, the cycle just is completed on the day which actually is 10/26/2011 not 12/21/2012 as internet turds overpublicized. Face it, its always been easier to sell doom and gloom. Noone wants to hear the positive side of the changes. We are now in the final cycle of the mayan calendar otherwise known as the Universal Cycle. This is supposed to be the point in our evolution where we start co-creating our reality together through feeling and put aside all the retarded 25,000 years of war and bickering and dualities. We are supposed to be moving toward a unitarian consciousness.

or in other words we will have capes, fly and have pillowfights

[QUOTE=skinnyBIGGS;797379]i never said dooms day nor portrayed such a thought i know what to expect its a opening of the consciousness that has been systematically blocked threw this concept called Currency ...we were never created nor giving intelligence to slave away for an ability that was free at the dawn of human existence everything is corrupted with $$$ and this will break the invisible prisons that it has created on the masses. We were suppose to collectively work to reach the stars all sharing equal portions as the earth had enough to take care of all but due to $$$$ people are hoarding necessities .. were over populated because we took a simple act as sex (a biological function for CREATION) and made it to what it is today , dirty disgusting massive amounts of disease spread , unwanted children , stress and of course the most important the devalued view towards our opposite sex , mothers daughters ...To have a disaster state of mind is what the powers that be want as most cant comprehend how unique and special we our as we have untapped senses due to them as they know who were from .. all i can say is if 6.6billion think the world will end it will end ..the thought has triggered the outcome , if we think that there will be nothing wrong that our true nature of our existence on this planet will become crystal clear with this special alignment with our world being close to another that were in relationship, we will finally have that 3rd eye opened and it will end this material world reign that has enslaved us all. We all will live in a state of heaven and all lies will be broken!

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