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Between Lives Reports - Not So Nice Nuns and Nannies

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1333709
United States
04/15/2011 04:35 PM
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Between Lives Reports - Not So Nice Nuns and Nannies
Not to Nice Nuns and Nannies

My Personal Between Lives - Deeper Look

I just got out of a session where I was asked to explore my last between lives area. I died in 1952 because I had been playing the game of "double Spy" and lost that game with the result of being programmed through drugs and hypnosis (P.D.H. - Pain/Drugs/Hypnosis) to speak out against Tito when he was giving a speech in a stadium. I was born after that in _____ 1954. The whole story between lives never comes up in a regular session, such a tight lid is kept on it. We had to specifically ask if anything was there, in other words, to be exact, "In regards to the between lives area, is there anything hidden?". Even then I had to work my way past an electromagnetic type of mass of screens and shields. And I could not do this on my own, but enlisted the help of a trained therapist.

Finally I did start to see a hand that looked like a Grinch's hand, then the hand holding up an attractive mural that I could walk into and then a bunch of Greys working on my prone body (they brought my injured body up to the spaceship), and then a Reptilian being overseeing it and I flinched away from looking at his evil expression. He was positioned above the pod of Greys as if he was a hologram.

Not everyone suffers Greys and Reptilians during their between lives processing. I chose to play a game with them, resonating to them, and they happily obliged me. I am doing more clearing work since I wrote this and no longer resonate or take so seriously the games these fellas want me to play with them. "No thanks, fellas!" :-)