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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Gabriel
Post Content
Gabe - A few Q's

1) Is it the ENA ribbon or the war you are expecting?
2) Any particular reason why u went(last 2 weeks) this long if it is ok for u to say .

thks a lot for your input. I thought we have only shills in GLP but we do have good people as well who really cares for us. May G-D bless u.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24747787

Isn't it strange how war is looming more than ever as we are getting bombarded with a strange concoction of particles... one might think that a quantum entanglement has occurred out there.

If i am gone for long periods of time you can take it as either a drill or something is up in the world or out of this world... or both.

and thank you for the blessing...
 Quoting: Gabriel

Is war causing space anomaly or is space anomaly causing govts to seek war?
Cheshire cat...which path to take...it doesn't matter.
 Quoting: imjustsayin

Is causing some govts to seek it... they believe it to be religious signs...
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