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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle moxiechic
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Gabe - A few Q's

1) Is it the ENA ribbon or the war you are expecting?
2) Any particular reason why u went(last 2 weeks) this long if it is ok for u to say .

thks a lot for your input. I thought we have only shills in GLP but we do have good people as well who really cares for us. May G-D bless u.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24747787

Isn't it strange how war is looming more than ever as we are getting bombarded with a strange concoction of particles... one might think that a quantum entanglement has occurred out there.

If i am gone for long periods of time you can take it as either a drill or something is up in the world or out of this world... or both.

and thank you for the blessing...
 Quoting: Gabriel

Is war causing space anomaly or is space anomaly causing govts to seek war?
Cheshire cat...which path to take...it doesn't matter.
 Quoting: imjustsayin

Is causing some govts to seek it... they believe it to be religious signs...
 Quoting: Gabriel

How very interesting!! There are so many factors that make up a part of this: the solar max, the studies that document an uptick in aggression during the solar max, man's own belief systems....not to mention black holes, fluff, and the many anomalies that seem to lend a uniqueness to this max. Then there's the affect on the Earth as well. There are so many different prophesies linked to the sun, moon, stars, comets....native american, Inuit, Mayan....however I am so totally ignorant of Muslim prophesies and end of times belief (I am assuming that is who you were referring to when you mentioned "religious signs" (if not...it did peak my interest in that direction)...but find it interesting....attempting to reconcile a space race in these countries and the info that is collected from science versus what I know and understand about the countries themselves. While I understood that many of the things happening had religious significance and was aware of many of the beliefs as a whole... did not consider what it would mean to the ME.
Sorry..electrons, magnetosphere, astrophysics...totally baffle me...but when it's put in this context ...motivations, beliefs, etc....I get a bit jazzed.
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