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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Gabe - I was think out loud. Why shd the PTB wait for earth changes because of fluff to start a war. it will be good to start a war so they can be safe when severe earth changes come.

2) I heard that all along the fault lines we have methane hydrates. If the earth is heating up , it means they will be released to the atmosphere. Is that true. I am for sure earth is heating up in the northern hemisphere and cooling in the southern hemisphere.What is ur opinion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14832819

everyone has there reasons for wanting war.... everyones ideals are being enhanced with the "changes" .

here is a good quote about hydrates:

"There are potential irreversible effects of melting the sea ice... We'll begin to release methane hydrates... There is enough there to cause as much warming as all the coal in the world... It's not clear that civilization could survive that extreme climate change." óDr. James Hansen, renowned climate scientist. (interview for documentary "Arctic Methane Tipping Point?"
 Quoting: Gabriel

To continue this thought, because it seems appropriate, I have found information (dated last year)on this subject in the following science forum:

[link to www.thenakedscientists.com]

If you go to the bottom of the page there is a map of the most probable locations of methane hydrates. It is very interesting and worth a look.

Compare the locations with the highest locations to recent activity for earthquakes and volcanic activity...as well as bouys that have been showing sea floor issues and animal die offs. Funny that the east coast of the US is where there is the best possibility of release of methane hydrates. However, I don't know how weather air flow impact this.

From this information, I can't interpret the best or safest countries to be in. Unless the object is to be south of the equator because release of hydrates is less of an issue in the colder climate.

If this is the case, it goes back to the same issues as always - OIL, which will be in high demand if the world's population is below a cooling southern hemisphere. So here are some interesting sites that have maps containing information about oil reserves. Funny thing is I am unable to find any recent data. Most goes back to 2008.

This is most interesting:
[link to www.radford.edu]

[link to selfinvestors.com]

[link to www.sander.es]
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