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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
Been traveling while I still can, sat through a decent quake in texas, shook the hell out of the house I was at near dallas,guess it was a 3.4,felt like a 5. Went on a trek with some friends,went to and researched one of the first bison cliff kills ever recorded on the Knibbe ranch outside San Antonio 2700 BC.

Weird shift slowly occuring,Obama looked very dejected at the end of his debate,seems the 'rascals' aren't sure who they want in there. Sun seems to be gearing for a november rally,alot of filament action, poles aren't agreeing on this polarity swap. Two people in my family are now feeling vibrations and energy, seems valid as they are completely new to this and haven't been coached by me,very cool.

Glad to have you back Gabe, and Nerd. Much love to everyone,things are still on track it seems for changes,watch closely, some events may actually not be what we thought. Have a friend with me right now as we finish our last excursion that seems to know more than I was lead to believe. Am melancholy as we finish what could be our last walkabout together.The desert is awesome, its been years since I've been adventuring
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