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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle fossilgate
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Hi All,

I am located in north Alabama, long time lurker. Spending more time reading the earthquake/plate shift and sinkhole
threads, while watching the earthquakes in Birmingham, Al (90 miles south of me). Learning alot from everyone.

Started searching how north Alabama fits into the Madrid and LA fault lines, while searching found the York-Alabama fault line. This got me to thinking and wanted to get others thoughts on the information/questions below.

One, the Navy Future Map has part of west-north Alabama area under water, anyway to find out how far this comes in from the west? The Browns Ferry Nuclear plant is in that general area (Limestone county). Some of the maps show the Madrid 'zones' display 'shaking' for Alabama. Since learning more about the fault lines down toward LA and GOM areas I wonder more about how the north alabama area may fit into the fault lines.

Next, found more about the fault line that runs from New York to Alabama (York-Alabama Lineament) that appears to be part of the eastern Tennessee fault line.

Looking at the map, two dotted lines go to the west part of north Alabama (one dotted line seems to follow the west half that is under water from the navy map) with the second dotted line goes through the east part of Alabama and a solid white line that goes from east Alabama (Fort Payne) to the Birmingham area. When you look at the recent earthquakes, the recent earthquakes (Bham and Fort Payne) seem to follow toward the York-Alabama line(see article/map below).

Any thoughts on the north Alabama area relating to York-Alabama fault and/or the Madrid/La fault line areas? Seems North Alabama falls in the middle of these two and has me rethinking future earthquakes for this area, directly or indirectly.

Trying to learn what I can, thanks to everyone for the great thread(s), learning alot of stuff. God Bless everyone and be safe!

York-Alabama Lineament - straight magnetic line that runs between New York and Alabama along the Appalachians (see map)
[link to news.discovery.com]
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