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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Agapao
Post Content
Goats are scrambling to find answers and or solutions..... they are very frazzled... they thought they had a solution... didn't work.... decision on wider spread evac. not made based on panic assessment... FEMA is ready.

all i can say

Japan is under the gun with energy flow....

How all out war in ME has not begun is a miracle.... don't know how long the miracle can last.

Earth has growing pains... induced labor by particle mix...
 Quoting: Gabriel

Thank you Gabe for the update on things. Although, not understanding...trying to read between the lines is sometimes like trying to read a foreign language. lol

IF...you can go into further explanation, this gal would be much grateful. If not, I completely understand and still appreciate the info. Will try to understand.
 Quoting: Nika

I'm trying Nika but i won't do anyone any good if i'm restricted here.

Here is a quote from today:
"But back at Lake Peigneur, residents said they've seen bubbling around the lake, and believe it's a warning sign.

"There's bubbling on the south side of the lake, and it's usually about the same spot," said Derise. "It'll be a white foam that you can actually break up."

Scientists have not yet determined what could be causing the bubbling."
 Quoting: Gabriel

There is a video on you tube about what happened to this lake. I will look for a link
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