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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Day by day I follow my routine. Every night when my head hits the pillow, I realize that I have the choice to 'do something'. I am more than aware of the current events and fully understand the repercussions. So I asked myself why I haven't done anything about it.

Very recently I have decided to move from SETX to Austin, Texas. This is because I have been warned way too many times about the BP disaster having far reaching consequences on not just mine, but everyone's daily routine, and standard living. This goes for all living species. It has appeared to me that all of this is very near to changing. The signs are viewed through my eyes, for they are not deceiving.

Not one person needs to worry about finances at some point in their lives, there is no better time than now. Listen to the subtle warnings that people post on this forum/ speak in public. There is no better truth than your gut instinct.
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