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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle nerdrage88sasr
Post Content

Its like stretching a rubber-band. The stress it puts on the rubber until it finally snaps.

Because this isn't just Geological but also Meteorological and Celestial... many precursors are possible.

So the Geological precursor would be a huge, unprecedented EQ.... or massive volcano eruptions, sinkholes, etc.

Meteorological precursor i believe we started to see beginning of the year with all the record breaking events.... and are continuing to ramp up (Sandy)

Celestial precursor i believe to be the elevated levels of protons/electrons/gamma rays etc. (mixed with unknown particles) ...... a dead solar max...... weakened magnetosphere.

No coincidence we are seeing precursors from all three.... what's causing one is causing all.
 Quoting: Gabriel

agree - the base of the triangle so to speak .
Ciao my friend stay coherent, compassion, courageous and cooperative and the time to come.

this is another clue [link to www.abc.net.au]
 Quoting: HarmonyH 16629794

thanks Harmony..... i'm trying... but i'm tiring quickly... and feel i'm losing grip. Fighting the urge to do the Ostridge thing.
 Quoting: Gabriel

So feel like being an ostridge also!! but hate to break it to you hon, once you are awake, you can never go back. You KNOW now. Chin up hf
 Quoting: whiteangel

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