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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Southern Lighthouse
Post Content
I'm sending Positive, Loving, High Vibrational Energy out to each of you, as much as you are willing to accept & with only thoughts of The Greatest Good & I'm so very Grateful to be able to do so. The other thing that is often overlooked is that not only do threads like this give us a measure of Peace & Comfort in knowing what is to come but it will allow us to explain to others(quite probably the very ones who ignore us, call us things like "part of the Tinfoil Hat Wearing Crew" or "crazy as a shithouse rat as I have been recently called by extended Family Members) why the things that happened happened. Know that their toon will change & they will look to us for explainations & guidance. This to is part of why we are here. Love Light & Peace to you ALL!
 Quoting: remjr1 1392221

i absolutely agree with you, rem

we will be the ones that hold it together and help our neighbours and our communities when the need comes...
 Quoting: Tauranga

Amen. It looks like that day is fast approaching too. Much love to you all!

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