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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Mahala
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5.2 10km Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge. Something I've been meaning to ask. I've been doing as much research as time will allow on a number of subjects, one of which is the sink hole & its progression/implications. Am I correct in my thinking & in being concerned about the quakes that are & have been happening on the Southern lands along the Gulf of Mexico? It would seem to me that there should be a dirrect effect along the Fault Lines & Tectonic Plates in & along the GOM & extending up to the NMSZ. Am I wasting my time looking into this? Much Love & many Thanks for taking the time & effort to read my ramblings ;-)
 Quoting: remjr1 1615216

I don't think you're wasting time. We do know that one eq. will affect another area. My thoughts with the tunnels from the salt domes is, that the movement from an eq. nearby could vibrate up to a weaken point and let loose either another eq. or open up a fissure or even another sink hole. Reaction to a Action. If that makes sense. Butterfly wings flapping causes tornado in opposite area..I've heard so may ways of putting it that that's the best way I can..
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