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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle remjr1
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Thank You for that Mahala. It's right in line with my own thinking on the subject which leads me another that's been touched on before but one which I wanted to take a moment to expand upon. I just wanted to say Thank You, to each & every one of you AMAZING Beings :-) I have a small handfull of others I feel able to speak freely with, on another site(only a very few offline) & though I haven't been an active participant here for very long the warm reception, Patience & Love that I've been shown means a great deal to me. Being able to share thoughts, feelings & ideas that are not only not accepted by the main stream but are, in many cases, actively shunned is like a breath of fresh air or a Lovingly prepared, Home cooked meal(taking for granted ones Spouse or Parent(s) can cook ;-) ). I'm obviously not one who is short on words but words fail me in my attempt to show my Gratitude for this Oasis of sanity in this crazy NOW we find ourselves in. Much Love & many Thank You's to one & all of you!
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