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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle remjr1
Post Content
Guess I'll need to fire up the comp & check out the link just posted(HAARP?) & hope I can make sense of it because MAN OH MAN! did something ever just shift/change with regards to the Energy! This feels...hmm....unnatural & "gross". For some reason I'm inclined to say "man made" or "man dirrected/enhanced". *shrug* just how it feels to me. It's an uneasy, anxious feeling, close to a "whew, had to much caffeine(?sp)" but different. Man it's hard to articulate but I don't like it. Not to mention THE headache hasn't completely gone away in days & days & it's picking up strength again. Time for more Peppermint Essential Oil & a nap. Stay alert & stay safe everyone.
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