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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle remjr1
Post Content
My headache changed late last night. It dropped lower on my skull & got so intense as to verge on a migraine, making me sick to my stomach. It ended up locking the muscles up in my neck to where I have a spot, left of my spine, just above the shoulder blade, where the muscles are bunched & putting the pinch on my neck & left shoulder. Something big is going on or soon going to happen. I'm strongly connected to the PNW but living in the Austin area I'm still not sure that this isn't sink hole/NMSZ related. I feel as though the quakes on the South side of the GOM are playing there part & this very well be the Energy build up that is causing my tension & tinitus. Time to go Meditate & relax again. Stay alert, Stay safe & stay strong, the time is near at hand. Much Love to you all!
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