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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle whiteangel
Post Content
Heliocentric alignments: (influences solar activity)
11/10 Moon OPP Uran (M1 flare, 7.0 EQ Myanmar)
11/12 Ven OPP Nep
11/13 Merc OPP Sat
11/13 Moon CONJ Mars?
11/13 Moon CONJ Merc

11/17 Merc CONJ Earth
11/19 Merc CONJ Jup

11/28 Merc OPP Mars
12/4 Merc OPP Nep
12/5 Ven OPP Uran

Geocentric alignments: (influences earthquakes and weather)
11/11 Moon CONJ Ven
11/12 Moon CONJ Sat
11/13 New Moon Eclipse

11/17 Merc CONJ Sat (near transit)
11/19 Mars OPP Ceres

11/27 Ven CONJ Sat
11/28 Full Moon
12/2 Jup OPP Sun
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