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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Gabriel
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I am reading all of the thread, finally, and am up to the first part of September, back when we were all worried about Elenin. I was on a different forum back then, tracking the crazy amount of quakes and solar activity, making sure my preps were in order (well the best I could do with the income we had/have), and watching how every time it aligned the quakes went nuts. It was a rather scary time as far as I am concerned, and just glad to know it wasn't my small group that was worried. Things were very unsettled.

Then Elenin fell apart as she approached the sun, some day blew up, I don't know. Would hate to have seen what happened if Elenin had of made the crossing.

That still left the other influence of "fluffy" and a possible brown dwarf/planet x/Nibiru, or whatever name you want for that "thing", that seemed to also influence the 188-day quakes - though it didn't stay at 188 but around there, then also fell apart.

Though I am still reading for clues, my question is, what are we watching happening now? Is this the galactic rift/ribbon now? Something is still going on that is odd, though there isn't the intensity there was back with Elenin, or at least it doesn't feel the same as last year.

Thoughts? Opinions?
 Quoting: whiteangel

Angel.... Elenin was a real worry to the goats... It is an example of how much the goats know "could" happen but don't know "if" it could happen.... thank God it was a dud...

Its the same thing now.... goats see many things coming together on many fronts that "could" cause big problems..... some of the things they where worried about are and have come .... record breaking weather, sink holes, very "off" solar max... Fluffy.... unidentified energies...unknown particles ..so on and so forth....

Doesn't mean its the end of the world it just means there is big concerns about what "could" happen...

Some signs are definitely there..... some signs have yet to materialize.....

We wait... we see
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