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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle HarmonyH
Post Content

So lets say the sun expands a bit... Do you think mars will get it's magnetic field back?
 Quoting: TRIXER

what if All the planets in our solar system where getting a NEW MAGNETIC FIELD ? You know the old one had lots of negative vibes so clearing out the old in with the new....

We Could be going through it right about now and no-one seems to be aware because the veil is coming off and a new one is being placed ...

Just random thinking that's all
 Quoting: HarmonyH 16629794

Ena ribbon + jupiter (big ball of hydrogen) + recent jupiter flash... Do you think jupiter has enough to ignite? If maybe only for a short time?

And yeah... What about the oort cloud, ena gotta be stiring that up...
 Quoting: TRIXER

inquiring mind want to know -- think of it as a family reunion where a few get along n work to make a great dinner and entertainment and then there are those we wish weren't part of the family and you know fireworks are going to spark somehow --- what if this was this family last reunion with this particular family group --- what would happen then if everyone knew that next time ----some would be there next time and some wont and some new members coming in ....
how would that change the "atmosphere"

need to leave now
watch out for the sparks !
 Quoting: HarmonyH 16629794
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