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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Mahala
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 Quoting: Isis7

Thanks for the vid Isis, but I have to disagree with Dutch on the Oregon and Washington quakes. Those where not quakes on the seismos. Now, what he doesn't take into effect is the fact that we are on a slip fault and to even get an idea when a quake is going to happen, he has to watch all the little quakes along the slip fault line. Once there is a pattern than you have to wait for the quake to happen. Yes, it could happen along the Juan De Fucca, which is not a slip plate where it touches the Pacific Plate. You can go the the PNSN website and see the many links they have including a blog by the seismologist there that shows what to look for. Our slow slips can last for months. Now with these slow slips it slowly releases pressure from the Juan De Fucaa plate and the North American plate, but can also trigger a big eq like the one that happened in the Hada Gwaii (sp). The seismologist figured by the movement on the slow slip that there was going to be a 6.5mg + up by Hada Gwaii. Now if the pattern goes from Vancouver BC down towards Northern Cali, than the eq would most likely be towards California. Hope that makes sense. Think of us as a hinge and if the upper door starts shaking you'll see little movement in the hinge and the bottom of the door bigger movement. Let's make the hinge our slow slip area. Now with the Juan De Fucca plate it pulls in both direction. Now at that point I need to reference more on how that interacts, but my guess would be that is where the new sea floor is being built. I'll try and look more into that to make it not an assumption, but the truth. Hope that helps. Keep in mind, the small eq's are nothing until you get a pattern of them and depending on where they are located at. There is a difference between Plate movement eq's and active Volcano eq's.. hfpeace
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