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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle whiteangel
Post Content
Good Morning Whiteangel...

The explosion thing seems everywhere. I understand a gas leak, heck I have seen a home blow off its foundation from a propane heater leak....the part that gets me is the "unexplaned" cause. With everything else going on, this is just one more thing. It is widespread also, not just in the gulf. I remember a thread I read where the person's water had a "smell to it" and they could light it!!
That is scary being in the water ground table. I have a strange feeling we will be seeing this occur more and more...
 Quoting: cabingirl

The unexplained is the concern. I just wonder if they are trying to blow it all off as "gas leaks" so no one will dig further. Like El Q stated, if it is methane, not good at all but it would explain why all of a sudden we are hearing about this to the point that someone is going to have to give a real reason. Can't be everyone's homes are just blowing up all of a sudden
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