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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Mahala
Post Content
Am I right in understanding that Tri nity is fairly senior, as far as M0D's go & that the fact that not only is the thread still up but posted & pinned by said M0D is of significance? Why would the reputation of a multimillion dollar company be put on the line if not as a legitimate "heads up"?
 Quoting: remjr1 219210

Whenever a war between these to go off, or any middle eastern war, it's always significant, now put into the effect of social media and how things spread like wildfire. You also have Anon and Occupy mixed in this. We supporting Israel and Russia, Iran etc. supporting the Palestenians (sp. sorry have a headache) and this tension has been escalating for years. Sounds like the balloon is ready to pop. The more this happens the higher probability that we get into and others. Than we have to worry more about Terrorist, but what it could do to the oil platform and our money meaning nothing. Endless possibilities. I can remember my Mom and Dad worrying about the same situation happening. Hell that was 40 years ago..
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