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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
I read today that the muslim world considers this probably the best time they've ever had for their war. The US is filled with internal strife, major military leaders have been ousted or quit,the nation is split and Obama has preached from day one about getting our troops out of the middle east and theres the benghazi nightmare. Clinton resigns in January,eric holder is talking of stepping down and our economy is shot. We also have natural disasters to deal with. Israel may be facing several countries shortly or an entire unified muslim state,jeez this is one huge mess! If Israel goes down we are in deep doodoo,so we'll back her if things get bad.

It seems like everything has speeded up a hundredfold,these truly are crazy days we've come upon,so lets keep our heads and hearts handy and we'll make it through to better days!hf
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