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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Mahala
Post Content
I have read that "fluffy" is making people irritable and they don't know why, so wondering if this is why "war" in the Middle East is starting. If things effect us on this thread, just imagine how it might be effecting a bunch of hot heads.
 Quoting: whiteangel

Interesting thought, but the war in the middle east has been an on and off war for centuries. It's usually the radicals of religion that seems to brainwash people (not all). This is like a balloon being blown up and eventually it will pop. Whether it be in mine, my kids, or my grandkids time. Only the future will tell. I see people around here who are normally fun and centered get irritated, but that's because of the fact of not knowing if they are going to have a job, loose their house, not have enough money or what are they going to do when the retire. As we get older our ideas and areas of focus change. We are more in tuned with whats going on the world around us.

Yes, you all are right. This is an awesome group of people in this thread with great ideas. I may not believe in them all, but it can educate me. You can never know enough or know to much.hfhfhfpeacegrouphug

Plus I want to include getting to know people in different parts of the world that I would never get to go see.
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