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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I forgot the guys name that was all the rage a couple weeks ago, that was predicting earthquakes based on planetary alignments.

For my own curiosity I noted the dates he had predicted and here are the results since the 7th of November.

His prediction underlined, and resulting dated in bold

November 7-8: possible 7 plus ~ 7.4 2012 11 07 163546.87 13.98 -91.88 24

November 13-14: 6.5 plus ~ 6.1 2012/11/14 19:02:06 -29.157 -71.272 61.8 COQUIMBO, CHILE/6.0 2012/11/13 04:31:27 -45.744 -77.142 9.7 OFF THE COAST OF AISEN, CHILE

November 15-16: 6.5 plus ~ (6.8)6.4 2012/11/16 18:12:40 49.269 155.472 29.1 KURIL ISLANDS

As a reminder to those of you who remember (or may be interested) his theory, here is a list of his predictions for the rest of the year.

November 20: 6 plus

November 22-23: 6.5 plus

November 28: 7

December 4-5: 7 plus

December 11: 7 plus

December 17-18: 8 plus

December 21: 10 plus

I'm not completely sold as of yet, but watching hf
 Quoting: TS66

Hi TS~

Thanks for keeping notes on that. I remember that thread/post too.

I am going to write them down as well. Based on his future predictions, I hope he is off on a couple.

Much Love, hf
 Quoting: Tiny Trink

Me too hiding
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