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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
@Shad and Whiteangel - re above post(s)....it really is all converging, yes?

Amazing days and your brilliant minds abound!

Live in love,
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Every week should bring new revelations to our 'changing' world, and the energy I've been feeling has been good.
I've grown a beard for some reason,never had one before,maybe my inner self is telling me its gonna get real cold. I was out last night building a shed and the energy in the air had my beard sticking straight out, and my daughter said it felt like we were at the magic house where they've got the magnetospheres that raises your hair. It felt good though, we all had a laughing, happy energy about us. Much better than the thick,bad stuff from a couple weeks ago! Much love!
 Quoting: shadasonic

That's a cool story- beard/magnetics...you had what I refer to as "Funtastic Friday."

Keeping our vibrations lifted seems easier these days. Blessings to you and yours :)
 Quoting: 1221 26319764

The feeling/energy in the air is different. Not bad, not good, just different. It is as if something shifted recently. I think, and it is just my humble opinion, that we are all feeling this at this moment because we need the peace to recharge our souls for what may be coming in the very near future.

It is the oddest thing but I no longer 'feel' it will happen before the 27th. It as if God let me know not to stress about my out-laws getting stuck here for the holiday, they would be gone before it would happen. You can't understand how much stress that took off my shoulders and my spirit.

That doesn't mean the ME won't fall apart, it just means it won't affect me and mine personally yet. I am psychic, though I do feel things at times, don't know what that makes me, lol, a nut probably
 Quoting: whiteangel

Yeah I'm with you, I think we'll see a constant pickup of events that will increase all the way to early January. I think within several weeks alot of people will wake up to things that can no longer be ignored or hid
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