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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle whiteangel
Post Content
Hey whiteangel you around, got something I want to bounce off ya, pertaining to our galactic energy source. It would seem SS and energy prominences are firing up closer to home. If thet ejecta misses us when we should have had a magnetic footprint to that area I'm thinking something pulled it that way. That would mean, in my estimation we've got maybe 2 weeks before we're in the line of fire,maybe sooner.1619 actually developed considerably when others, for months have declined. I believe we're close!
This is for you to gabe , but I realize your situation.
 Quoting: shadasonic

Sorry, missed your post. Baking today, lots of baking, lol.

Actually I was looking at that last night Shad, and thought 2-3 weeks, though it depends on if 1618 falls apart or not. With the last M-flare today from there, that means it is fully facing and and still was able to pop one off. If it hadn't of popped that M-flare I would have thought it was further away.

Makes me wonder about the rest of this week thru Tuesday??
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