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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content
Hey Everyone!!!!

Shada thank you for your posts today and always, really enjoy hearing your thoughts on life and current situations. I have a close friend who works in the same business as you. He and everyone I have met in that field are the salt of the earth types, just wonderful people. I get the same feeling from you. :)

Tauranga, you have been right all along!!! I remember so many people being jerks to you, and now you are vindicated as your info has come to fruition. I realize that may be of little consequence with what is happening in your area, but I wanted you to know that many believed in you and your assessments. Please take care!!!

I also wanted to mention that the last two days I have felt better than I have in months. Not only is my energy level crazy good, but also I am feeling a sense of peace like I have never known. It scares me a little as it is not a familiar feeling. Lol. Just thought I would mention it as I want to say whatever happens is alright, but my normal stance would be to freak out, and start worrying about my kids away at school. I hope my sudden inner peace is not some form of dementia setting in. Lol.
 Quoting: Vesper33

Thanks 5341!

Vesper thank you! I've always appreciated your viewpoints as they seem to close the gaps of oppositional ideas. I wanted to comment on the energy you speak of as it feels different, but clean and full of itself,'energy'. Its like a child who's trying to figure out a new toy that may be beyond their skill level. I feel ready for whatever is out there and believe doom is a dying word to be replaced by hope for a much needed world. I may sound cheesy but I don't care as words just bind my emotions for this new start our race desperately needs.
I sat at an ice skating rink earlier in the evening,before I posted my encounter from today. I watched 75 to 100 little ones, from 3 to 7 years of age taking lessons. Then after 30 minutes they are allowed an all skate, freedom to skate as they wish. My daughter was out there with two friends and the sheer joy and laughter, not just from them but from all those beautifull little souls almost had me weeping. I could feel their energy and it was breathtaking. We're all one and in that moment I could feel it. I've preached about that unified existence, believed in it, and shaped my life around it, but tonight I truly got it!
I LOVE you all so very much!
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