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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hey Everyone!!!!

Shada thank you for your posts today and always, really enjoy hearing your thoughts on life and current situations. I have a close friend who works in the same business as you. He and everyone I have met in that field are the salt of the earth types, just wonderful people. I get the same feeling from you. :)

Tauranga, you have been right all along!!! I remember so many people being jerks to you, and now you are vindicated as your info has come to fruition. I realize that may be of little consequence with what is happening in your area, but I wanted you to know that many believed in you and your assessments. Please take care!!!

I also wanted to mention that the last two days I have felt better than I have in months. Not only is my energy level crazy good, but also I am feeling a sense of peace like I have never known. It scares me a little as it is not a familiar feeling. Lol. Just thought I would mention it as I want to say whatever happens is alright, but my normal stance would be to freak out, and start worrying about my kids away at school. I hope my sudden inner peace is not some form of dementia setting in. Lol.
 Quoting: Vesper33

heya vesper, thank you for your never ending support, sister xxx

i can see the smoke filling the coastal horizon, but as yet i cant smell it

my friend, M, who has the pinned thread has been able to smell it since it happened because the wind is going in her direction

do you know what really makes me angry..glp does not list my thread in the search function!!!!

do a glp search for tongariro and you will see what i mean

this happens every time anything big happens in nz, and it makes it a fucking lot harder to get the info out, and they always pin someone elses thread, never ever mine

wtf is that all about i wonder...

big love and hugs to you dear friend xxx
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