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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Isis7
Post Content
We are missing some of the Yellowstone seismic charts. Went to check today after seeing small activity all week, and most of them are gone.

[link to www.isthisthingon.org]
 Quoting: old guard

nice catch old guard, noticed no mention in Volcanic activity world wide...

[link to mobile.volcanodiscovery.com]

however, RSOE does report activity yesterday:

current activity...
Volcano Activity Report
21.11.2012 03:21 AM Northland, New Zealand Mount Tongariro Volcano Volcano Eruption 0401-08= Stratovolcanoes No. 0 Details
21.11.2012 03:16 AM Andes Region, Ecuador Reventador Volcano Volcano Activity 1502-01= Stratovolcano 2009 No. 0 Details
19.11.2012 05:03 AM Flores Island, Indonesia Rokatenda (Paluweh) volcano Volcano Activity 0604-15= Stratovolcano 1985 No. 0 Details
16.11.2012 03:04 AM Northland, New Zealand Mt Ruapehu Volcano Volcano Activity 0401-021 Shield volcano 5060 BC No. 1 Details
14.11.2012 03:07 AM State of Puebla, Mexico Popocatepetl volcano Volcano Activity 1401-09= Stratovolcanoes 2008 No. 0
Supervolcanoes Monitoring System
Island Park Caldera 8 North-America USA State of Idaho 2.1 million years ago 16.11.2012 Details
Yellowstone Caldera 8 North-America USA State of Wyoming 640,000 years ago 20.11.2012 Details
[link to hisz.rsoe.hu]
Laacher See 7 Europe Germany Rhineland-Palatinate ~12,900 years ago 16.11.2012 Details
Long Valley Caldera 7 North-America USA State of California ~760,000 years ago 21.11.2012 Details
Mount Tambora 7 Indonesian Archipelago Indonesia Sumbawa Island 1815 21.11.2012 Details
[link to hisz.rsoe.hu]
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