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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hey, I just want to mention this.

The chemtrails have been insane in my area for over a week now. Today I want to describe my observation.
Could the trails act as a wire in the sky, allowing for frequencies to pass through them. Because these trails have ripples through them after they had been sprayed an hour ago.
I usually try to make this a point on this thread as I feel there is relative information. Does anyone have a comment about this?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23098610

This fellow regularly videos chemtrails.
Check out his channel, he gives detailed information.

[link to youtu.be]
 Quoting: Isis7

Thanks I7 that was no doubt a good video. But this is nothing new that I haven't already documented. Over the course of two years I have taken photographs of every chemtrail, every day. I have QUITE the collage, each day supporting claims of what the purpose of this is, including the consideration of weather activity and solar activity. There are many types of artifacts that these chemtrails produce and just like the man in the video questioned, "This is happening over every continent, what if we were to just all of a sudden go hands off on geoengineering?" He pointed out that this is worthy of discussion, which I completely agree. Personally, it's something that needs to be understood more clearly.

By no means am I trying to post anything off topic, I think this is extremely relative to info throughout this thread

I am in search of some personal opinions from a few of you posting in this thread. It's nice seeing other videos of people with very similar accounts. The thoughts of some of you here would amazing.
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