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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Earth Cries
Post Content

Found this a few years back. Rain water laden with chems.

[link to i845.photobucket.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28207765

guys, a lot of info about chemtrails down in our part of the world

check out these links

[link to chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com]

[link to www.google.co.nz]

[link to www.google.co.nz]

[link to www.google.co.nz (secure)]

[link to www.google.co.nz]

i can give you lots more links if you want more

edit to add:
sorry they are google links without link titles,

but they are good links, there are organised groups here who document lots of info, photos and peoples experiences

one of them has scientific analasis of chemtrail ingredients etc
 Quoting: Tauranga

Hey, T. We've had massive spraying all day down here in South Louisiana. Haven't seen it this bad in months.
 Quoting: Earth Cries

hiya EC

it has been intermittent here, but we had a bad aerosol dump 2 days ago, and as is usually the case, my son , myself and our labrador dog all woke up with bad sinusitis ,and funny throats

we still have it today

this is how we get sprayed, frequently

 Quoting: Tauranga

Yep, that's how it looks here. Started off as a beautiful, cloudless day. Now it's all hazy.
When they do the spray here, I get instantly stuffed up, trouble breathing, sneezing, bad headaches, too. My granddaughter gets the same symptoms. I really think it's playing hell with our immune system, too.
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