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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle miabelieves
Post Content
shoot, I have looked at the whole of it and still can't get my feeble mind around it :)
interesting days
 Quoting: miabelieves

Take yor mind away from what you see on earth. Now in your mind, view the earth from far away in space and imagin how delicate a balance it takes for life to exist on the tiny blue planet and how very little things from that vantage point can disturbed that balance.... Now you see earth getting submerged in cloud like masses coming from one direction and more energy coming from a belching black hole in the center of the galaxy It really doesn't take much to cause those tiny little ants on that blue planet to experience things they never have before.... Now from your vantage point deep in space what's occurring seems like days but for theses ants it's been thousands of years.
 Quoting: Gabriel

yes, I know of this but still my mind can't wrap around it :)
I am like "is this really happening"
I have been educated by the solar queen on many things in private
I like your description of it....I just got through telling someone things are happening now that no one alive has seen happen before so your statement solidifies it.
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