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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle whiteangel
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One more thing.... I can tell you for sue, the earth has tilted big time since last year....why there is not more concern about this has me baffled.

From my vantage point, the sun is rising way far south of east than this time last year....... Unless someone has rotated my cabin while I've been gone lol

This in itself could be part of the cause for the erratic weather systems.
The cause of the tilt on the other hand ,..... Oh that view from space would be awesome .

Some say the earth is expanding... Some say the sun is expanding.
Some say the earth is getting ripped apart,....

The sun and earth are reacting....just as they have reacted before......In a galactic sense, it happens all the time....but in our brains time zone it's never happened........ We are so young..... I'd say we're still embryos.
 Quoting: Gabriel

You just hit on what got me interested in earth changes in the first place. The winter of 2010-2011 the moon looked different and the sun was coming up in the wrong place. That started my search. Started keeping track of where the sun rose and set at whatever time of the year it was, and there is a big difference, yet it is never talked about. DH use to drive into work into the sun during the late spring and summer...no longer. It is more to the south now.

The USDA changed the planting zones and blamed it on global warming (ha ha ha or is that blah blah blah) though I think it has more to do with the fact the earth and sun are no longer in the same positions, not sure which one has actually done the moving. Seems to me that we would be experiencing even MORE earth changes if the earth was physically shifting as much as it seems to have but if it is the sun that is moving, maybe that is why a pole shift isn't tearing Earth up more??

I am with you Gabe, why isn't EVERYONE talking about this? Is it one of those things that MSM might have mentioned with a tongue in check attitude so that if anyone actually talks about it, they are considered a loon?

Oh and when I first noticed the moon looked different, at the time it looked like - if you were looking at the full moon - as if more of the left and bottom part of the moon was showing more. During this summer it seems to have gone back to normal.

Edited to add: PS I haven't mentioned it here because I DID think you would all think I was a loon too, but I would talking about ringing ears, lol
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