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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle babycakes
Post Content
One more thing.... I can tell you for sue, the earth has tilted big time since last year....why there is not more concern about this has me baffled.

From my vantage point, the sun is rising way far south of east than this time last year....... Unless someone has rotated my cabin while I've been gone lol

This in itself could be part of the cause for the erratic weather systems.
The cause of the tilt on the other hand ,..... Oh that view from space would be awesome .

Some say the earth is expanding... Some say the sun is expanding.
Some say the earth is getting ripped apart,....

The sun and earth are reacting....just as they have reacted before......In a galactic sense, it happens all the time....but in our brains time zone it's never happened........ We are so young..... I'd say we're still embryos.
 Quoting: Gabriel

Oh! Thank God! Somebody besides myself has noticed that the sun is rising too far south! Dare not mention it on some threads or someone will pounce on you for being crazy!
And, IMHO and my granddaughters, the moon isn't right either!
 Quoting: Earth Cries

I agree. My theory is our society is too busy trying to work,talk on their cell phones, hover over their kids; to notice nature at all... Only my daughter has mentioned this to me..but this is the woman who laid down between rows of corn to view the sky through the stalks... she has dragged me outside to view beautiful sunsets... but others? nope we are disconnected from the earth and nature.
 Quoting: babycakes

and thats exactly how they want us..... disconnected/dumbed down/distracted/... bigger tv's/x=box,ps 3 games that absolutely brainwash our kids... etc.

its so obvious whats going on, and i think everyone who posts here gets it... but its very scary to see the controlled majority of the population in there zombiefied state..... its my biggest worry when tshtf and these people are rudely woken up... i hate to say it but when it happens, shoot first to protect your family...
 Quoting: Gabriel

I am afraid you are correct!..thank heaven I live on a farm in the country..and yes we have a gun.
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