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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle cabingirl
Post Content
Good Morning....

Whiteangel, I too feel that release pressure, but I also feel that it is temporary. Gabe, with the lack of "man made tinkering", I think things flatlined for a bit, but everything is still on the tract that it is. Just maybe delayed or even changed a bit. We are still in for a crazy ride, more than likely most of next year. Will December be more calm, in a way yes, just not the consistant releases that we have had which became our sense of normal. The earth changes will occur, regardless of tinkering or delays, because they have to. Because it is all new, there is no recognizable patterns for us to relate too. Most "people" are not even aware of what we are. We watch and relay information, and you Gabe assist us in that. We analyze, we try to understand. In all these pages, we have a bond, in in the difficult times ahead, it is these bonds that will see us thru.
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