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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Gabriel
Post Content
Sometimes i go into a state of mind that i call hypnotic day dreaming.
I've decided to start sharing what i see in this state.... today was a good one...

My naked eye seeing things in 3 dimensions.... i want to see more because i know there are 10 - 12 at least dimensions... i start seeing things that are very difficult to describe in words..... particles floating around in different time space realities... converging waves of spirt like forms... water that can be walked upon... frozen lightning bolts ....

Then i want to time travel...but i'm told i can only go forward not backwards.... i ask why and i'm given a mathematical formula.....

and no.... i'm not on drugs... unless you consider Advil some kind of LSD....

Going for my daily hike... be back later...
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