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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle remjr1
Post Content
WOOHO! I finally got my phone fixed(comp is another story & thus the twitching from not getting my F.O.G. fix) & I'm finally done reading the missed pages(have to go back to check on some vids & thread links though). Strange & exciting time though, as others have pointed out, I had expected a higher level of activity by now. Have to see how the proton level, the Middle East, the sink hole, NMSZ quakes & Yellowstone play out before calling it a bust. Something in the Energy has most definitely changed though. I'm not having as many or as intense of headaches right now & feel more....hmmm...cautiosly excited?...not quite right but good enough for now. Oh & belated Happy Birthday Gabe :-) Love, Light & Peace to all who read this :-)
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