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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle 2curious
Post Content
Good evening LFOG (Lovely FOG - or... GLF - Gabe's lovely Family!)

First of all - Happy Belated Bday Gabe!!

Second - Congrats on 600!!! Thank goodness you didn't leave us!

Spent the last couple of hours speed reading to catch up since I last posted... soooo much going on. Hard to get a handle on it all but I keep trying!!

T - I was lurking when I saw you call me out on Dettro's Chile quake thread. It was time to come out of hiding... ha ha ha!!!

Been feeling like I am living in a parallel universe. Very disconnected from "reality". Keep asking myself... are we there yet???

Oh - had "company" Monday night. Neighbor calls me and says "grab your binoculars and look east"! Adventurous soul that I am, I did.

Holy shit - (sorry!) but the stars put on what I can only call a " visual symphony".

UFO's? The stars were drawing in the sky. The colors - think rainbow or prism - were incredible. Couldn't videotape with my phone. Did take some pics but the difference between what you see with the naked eye and the binoculars was incredible.

And behind the big "stars" were TONS of smaller wormlike things moving in the sky. Needless to say - I was speechless but felt good looking at all that.

Had a friend come over to look too. Have searched on the internet for a recording of it - but nothing.

Well - here I am. Waiting for whatever comes next - and very happy to know that you are all here.

Love and hugs to all!
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