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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle shadasonic
Post Content

Heres a great video of them spraying us down. Its amazing that the entire sky can be filled with these massive trails,yet people are oblivious to them. People are up in arms over the simplest of things,yet something on this grand of a scale goes by with no one or group addressing it.

The fact that I'm seeing 24 hours aday, heavy non stop trailing leads me to believe something is definitely coming soon. The coronal hole brought us very little flux on the charts,theres only one grouping on the sun that can deliver anything of size and its not active at the moment. They started these almost at the same time our sine wave started. I'm going out on alimb here but I'm wondering if they aren't expecting something 'else' to come in soon. I'm assuming these trails are for our protection,maybe they are for another purpose?
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