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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle pamphylia
Post Content
And so we wait.

I'm very excited. Waiting for the beginning; not the end for that will take care of itself. And as long as I want someone else (they) to help me out and tell me what is going on, I will always be disappointed. I "know" and so do you all. Getting confirmation from them will not make one bit of difference.

We have always known on some level and that is why we are here. Once I totally accepted that I was elated, excited, and ready. No fear and don't need confirmation from the outside anymore.

And you all, the FOG, us.....we are good. And just like having a baby, right before you go into labor, just when you think you can't stand it one more minute.....well, we do and we are and we will and I love waiting with you all. You are the best.

And this will be the very best Advent ever because we are waiting, preparing, watching...just like we are supposed to be doing and we will witness the birth of the new age, the divine within and some more wonderful surprises I'm sure.

Advent officially begins tomorrow. Lovely
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