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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle remjr1
Post Content
Ok, very strange experience fellow F.O.G. Lights. About 20-30 min ago I started getting a headache & it's coming on hard & fast, first one like this in several days. I got my Peppermint Essential Oil & EVOO, closed my eyes & started rubbing it into my temples, as I always do when I get headaches like this & two very vivid, clear & powerful images were shown to me, one right after the other. The first one was of our Sun & it was of a MASSIVE erruption, looked to be a huge Solar Flare AND a massive fillament, nearly simultaneously. The second was a volcanic erruption(no sense of where) with a tremendous amount of molten material, rocks & lava, being ejected into the sky. This is new to me so I thought I would share it. Hope you are all doing well in these strange, interesting & trying times we find ourselves in. Love, Light & Peace to all who read this. BTW, for any interested, I'm going to try including raw Amethyst into my self healing to try to get rid of this headache & I'll let you know how it goes.
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