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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Morning all. I wanted to say thanks for all the kind words. I have been lurking. I will be around and will log in from time to time also. If it weren't for the big 3(this, Nin's and ElQ's threads) I might not come back. Anyway, thanks again. Much love to you all FOG Quake and Solar tards hehe, that covers all of us I think.
Had a good weekend. My cub scout troop built a parade float for a Christmas Parade and ours was by far the best. The theme was Christmas in Paradise. We had it all Beach themed with a ton of lights and we blasted Christmas reggae. The kids had such a great time too. It's things like that that make it all worth while.

Ok, It's Dec 3rd. What does today have in store for us.
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