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Message Subject F.O.G.
Poster Handle Isis7
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still here... but must remain silent today..

 Quoting: Gabriel

Hiya Gabe

Here is someone else to do the talking today...

Champions of the Future

[link to youtu.be]


Published on Dec 3, 2012 by Suspicious0bservers

In order of Appearance:

Walter Russell, JFK, Terrence McKenna, MLK
Egypt/American Protests
EU Conference 2013 Scholarship winners

The Thunderbolts Project

Best Friends on Youtube: Mr2tuff2, Telluricurrent, TheElectricStone

Revolution Radio [Freedomslips.com] - Sirius Rising

Youtubers Featured: Danny Wilten, Thyalwaysseek maalaea, idahopicker, 4842Chuck, TBar1984, highvoltagefeathers, gumanthon1, brodyluv2, DEMCAD

Ending Sequence: There is a shift slowly taking place in our entire solar system. Humans are NOT responsible - although our attempts to play god in mitigation may exacerbate this event. Please find the following videos for reference and citations: "Solar System Shift" ; "Electromagnetic Event" ; "Our World is Changing" ; and "STARWATER" --if you take the time to watch, you will KNOW that human CO2, chemtrails and HAARP are not the cause of these events.

Think depopulation is real and there is 1 elite control group? See my video "Elites: A Harsh Truth" -- there are many groups... and some are on our side.

Having doubts about your own power? See my video "I Am HAARP"
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